Certified Nursing Assistant Jobs in St. Louis

Nursing Jobs for CNAs in St. Louis

With the recent increase in the elderly population, most of the nation's healthcare centers are running very short staffed, and St. Louis, MO is no exception. The need for applicants to fill St. Louis CNA Jobs and other nursing positions is growing because there simply aren't enough people to take care of the patients. In some understaffed St. Louis hospitals, schedulers are forced to task a single Registered Nurse to take care of a large number of patients at once. The most common support staff for registered nurses includes nurses aides, orderlies and other entry-level nursing positions. Outside of the hospital setting, certified nursing assistants might take the form of Home Health Aides (HHA) or Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) nurses. And every one of these St. Louis nursing jobs is available right here on our website.For these reasons, several hospitals and healthcare centers are looking for people to become CNAs, or certified nursing assistants. All that is required is six to twelve weeks of training, a high school diploma, and some states require you to gain your certification through a state-run test. CNAs take care of patients with their everyday needs with things like grooming, dressing, and bathing. CNA's must be able to perform physical labor, as they will need to help patients out of their wheelchairs for baths. Itís a great job for anyone looking for a start in a St. Louis healthcare career.